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Drop In


WEEKDAYS 1-4 pm (call ahead to avoid black-out times)

FRIDAYS 7-10 PM (3 courts at 7 pm, 6 courts at 8 pm, 10 courts at 9 pm)

SUNDAYS 6 TO 9 PM (up to 12 courts)

                                                                  Member:                                            Non-Member:

Weekday session (1-4 pm)                        $5                                                         $10

Evening sessions                                        $10                                                       $15

Statutory holidays  (any session)              $10                                                      $15

Members’ only Prime Time Passes:

$9 / session with a 10 visit Drop-in pass = $90

$8 / session with a 20 visit Drop-in pass = $160

All Passes are non-transferable and valid only during active membership status, now no expiry date

We recommend calling ahead to confirm court availability.


  • GST is not included in the above prices

  • All players are required to check in at the front desk prior to play

  • Session Fees are applied in full whether one Drops-in to a Session in its entirety or a portion of it

  • Drop-in fees are non-refundable

  • Singles play only allowed when there are no other players waiting

  • On court warm up time shall not exceed 3 minutes when others are waiting

  • Also, when others are waiting, play is limited to two games to 21 points or 15 minutes (whichever comes first)

  • Players who are waiting have priority over players who just came off the court

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